The Owl Mountain Doomsday Solution

Rasping, shrieking winds engulf the crumbling structure. Lightning strikes the turret; wood splinters fly into the deafening din. In the Demon's chamber deep beneath Castle Ksiaz, Good and Evil battle for the fate of all humanity. If the Guardians fail, the earth will be reduced to uninhabitable smoldering rubble and poisonous gases.
As the battle rages, a pivotal member of Sir Winston's team, Flight Marshall David Smythe, abruptly and mysteriously disappears, and another valiant warrior is mortally wounded.
Can Father Antonio, a 96-year-old exorcist, and a 14th Century Holy Incantation, turn the tide for the besieged Guardians and rescue humanity?
Owl Mountain shudders in terror.

" Absolute darkness, a blackness I did not know was possible. It is disorienting and terrifying. I cannot see any trace of light or shapes. Am I standing? Where am I? What has happened to me? I try not to freeze in terror, sensing the darkness trying to absorb me. Wait! What is that? I strain to hear an almost imperceptible dragging, slithering sound; Dear God, I am not alone in this Hellish black hole! I am excruciatingly aware of everything, and Instinctively, I feel a malevolent presence moving toward me. Horrifying!"

Launching soon!

the owl mountain