• The Mysterious Secret Guardians
    In the London Underground


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Mysterious Secret Guardians in the London Underground

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Welcome, Dear Readers to the Guardians' Royal Suite at the London Savoy! 

We are excited to have you join our team! You are invited to tag along on our next death-defying crusade that could take us anywhere in the world. 

Today we may be traveling to a Nazi stronghold in France, a haunted castle in Austria, a demon's chambers in Poland, or a jail cell in the London Underground. Be certain brutish Nazis, vile demons, or creepy revolutionaries abound wherever we go.

We are traveling in the Rolls Royce to our jet, then, we are off to the next potentially deadly battle royal. Bones has packed provisions and David will be providing the, uh, survival hardware. 

Big Soph will do her razor-toothed, hound from hell warrior magic!

Sir Winston inspires us as he inspired millions during WWII.

Dr. Einstein’s sheer genius steers us around the pitfalls set out by our adversaries.

Fasten your seatbelts, the ride will get rough and bone chilling - it could be our last.

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